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We all know how to clean an oven. But today we will talk about a special model – Electric cooker with glass ceramic surface.

The glass-ceramic surface should not be cleaned with detergents or abrasive-containing materials.

Image of cooker with ceramic hob

Glass ceramics can be washed and clean as ordinary glass. Moreover, on the absolutely flat surface of glass ceramics are seen the most insignificant defects, which can be masked with a drawing (it will make them inconspicuous) or colored surface of the hotplates. The models have different surfaces of the hotplates. There are panels made of stainless steel or aluminum as well as a mirror surface. The reflective surface is well combined with any hue colors of the adjoining equipment. White panels are mounted on the most luxurious stoves. On their surface there are colored outlines for the heating zone, inscriptions and pictograms, which increase the informality and ease the use of the stove.

The glass-ceramic surface withstands a static load of up to 25 kg / sq. cm and during operation are superior to the other plates. Variable dimensions in the surface heating area allow the use of food containers with a bottom diameter of 12 to 21 cm. They are reliable and solid enough, but silvery stains that can not be cleaned on the aluminum pot with nothing. Therefore, it is advisable not to use aluminum containers that have a smooth and even bottom but in no case a convex one.

Image of ceramic hob with onion

The smooth cooker panel must have a perimeter board so that it can not accidentally flow through not only the whole stove but also the adjacent objects and the floor.

All companies use identical materials from Germany, France and the USA to make the glass ceramic panel. That is why the quality of the cheap glass ceramics does not yield to the more expensive one.

In this video you can see ten procedures and tools to ensure a safe and clean restaurant. Some of them you can use at home 😉

Top tips to clean your kitchen!

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house. Everybody uses it to prepare a meal or grab a snack. It gets dirty very easy and cleaning it can take a long time. That is why regular maintenance is the key to a sparkly clean kitchen. With regular maintenance, the hygiene levels will also be high and you shall not worry about the buildup of any bacteria, which can be dangerous. Here are some tips that can help you tackle the mess quickly and efficiently.

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